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Started for YuriJam 2015 and continued through NaNoRenO/IntRenaiMo 2016 and YurJam 2016, Swan X Swan is an adaptation of the Swan Lake ballet, where a few key characters are female instead of male, and most of the more "stock" characters being given some personality and motivations.

The project has stalled multiple times, mostly thanks to catastrophic computer failures. However, it will definitely be released, so please stick with me!


Although coming in a little late for the actual NaNoRenO2018 deadline, I expect to have a beta version available not far into April! It will be missing music, due to unavoidable RL issues for my musician, but should be otherwise complete. Thanks for your support! :D


  • Pretty lesbian princesses!
  • Its own score, based on the Swan Lake ballet
  • Probably at least 95% kinetic novel...
  • ...but with multiple endings for romances and friendships!
  • Happy ending(s) - because boo on same-sex romance always being tragic!
  • Free/PWYW, in the spirit of sharing the yuri goodness :D


(Click to enlarge pictures!)

Princess Sigrid

A brash and self-assured young sovereign who is disinterested in taking on the responsibilities of a ruler. She becomes enchanted with Odette for entirely superficial reasons, but her intentions are genuine; nevertheless, she needs to learn the difference between infatuation and love before she can save anybody.

Odette Von Rothbart

Leda's daughter, a pure-hearted maiden cursed to live as a swan by day, a woman by night. Because her mother has tried to keep her from sullying herself by developing romantic attachments, she has become melancholy and emotionally distant. While she's right to doubt Sigrid's maturity, she also needs to address her own inability to trust others before she can be free.

Black Swan

A mysterious girl who looks like Odette, but with black feathers. Let's all pretend we don't know who she is.

Leda Von Rothbart

A sorceress, the villain, Odette's overbearing mother. It's not clear what her damage is exactly, but she's so obsessed with preserving her "perfect" daughter that she transforms Odette into a [s]purity metaphor[/s] swan, and is willing to kill her before she'll let her escape. She regards her other daughter as a failure, only fit to be her tool, and has destroyed her self-esteem by constantly belittling her next to Odette.

Queen Arnaude

Sigrid's mother, a no-nonsense monarch who tries to be fair and responsible. She conflicts with her daughter over Sigrid's childish behaviour and tries to impress upon her the need to become a proper ruler (I'm not playing the "stop trying to be a man" angle, because that's not the point of the story). Although she and Sigrid come to the brink of destroying their relationship, she's not like Leda, so there is hope for them to reconcile.


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cant wait for the game! hope you have as much fun making it as the players will while playing it!(did that make any sense?)

I'm also really excited for this game. Good luck with production! I can't wait to play it.

I'm really hyped for this game. I can't wait!
- Yami