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I already had suspicioun from the dialog in Micah's route, but d*mn the cute plot twist and its obvious indication from the title itself xD

I love this! It is so cute and fun!I made a youtube video of my playthrough of it. =~)

 Here is the link: 

i cried at every ending. how dare you!(i really loved this so much!) you have a fan in me.

I couldn't thank you enough for creating this game. It was so sweet and stirring it made me cry at some point.

I was so surprised at the end! I think I could have been able to guess the catch if I'd started with Ash's route, but I didn't expect that on Kirby's, who was the first.

I loved every little bit of it, and I feel like replaying it just for the sake of it. I think Ash's route was my favorite, but honestly, they were all great!

AMAZIN lmao i love how the dog changes depending on your character

Just finished the game,i enjoyed Ash's route the most.I love the graphics.Did you draw the characters and the backgrounds yourself?:D

Thank you! I did draw all the character art, but the backgrounds are mostly made from stock photographs that I filtered or and/or touched up. Most are real places in Australia, though I cheated by including both Melbourne and Brisbane in the one area ;p The exception is Ash's ending scene, where you can sort of tell that I drew the background myself ^_^;

I can't believe this game actually managed to make me feel so much haha. I'm sending this to my friends to see if they pick up on clues for the ending! Thank you for the amazing story.

Thanks so much for the comment. I'm really glad you were touched by it! I had some of my best friends in mind when I was writing it <:)

So the title was a clue.

You clever little --

Hhehehe XD In fact, the very first working title was "Doofy Otome Game" ;p